Stephanie Chow

Born: 08/10/1980 Canton, PRC

Stephanie was Owner/Manager of Mao Mao Chong. A small cocktail bar located in Dong Cheng District, Beijing PRC.
 She is now the sous chef and executive bartender of the Flying Pigeon.

She studied hotel management at Guang Zhou and obtained a college certificate. In 2004 Stephanie started working for Zhu Hai Holiday Resort Hotel until 2005 when she moved into the world of International trade working as a Manufacturing Sourcing Agent at their Zhua Hai Office, Guang Dong, PRC. In 2008 Stephanie moved to Beijing and teamed up with Stephen Rocard and created the Mao Mao Chong brand. They designed and produced a range of designer T-shirts and opened Mao Mao Chong Bar & Shop in Wu Dao Ying Hutong, Dong Cheng Beijing. In 2009 the business moved down the road and into a larger space where the emphasis was now on creative cocktails and gourmet Pizza. The bar has won numerous accolades including 12 Awards at The Beijinger Magazine Bar & Club Awards in its first year. Mao Mao Chong has been featured in the New York Times, The Melbourne Age, Destin Asian and Singapore Airlines Inflight magazine, Silver Kris.

Mentored by Paul Matthew (Director at Blood and Sand Limited and owner of The Hide bar, London) and Kanateka Daiki (Glen Classic Bar, Beijing) Stephanie developed her skills as a mixologist and is now one of the most popular and respected cocktail bar personality in China. In 2012 she was a China finalist in the prestigious Diageo World Class competition and represented China in the International Tahona Society Cocktail Competition in Mexico.

In 2015, she moved to Australia to start a new adventure. Setting up The Flying Pigeon restaurant bar with her husband Stephen Rocard. She designs all cocktails for the restaurant and hosted a few cocktail classes in 2017 which received very positive feedback from customers. Stephanie was fortunate enough to have been passed on to the home recipes from her father, With her passion in food, she has created all sauces, marinations, curry pastes by using fresh ingredients and made from scratch. After living in Northern China for almost 8 years, she has learnt from the best and created her own dumpling recipes. Making the dough by hand, mixing fresh herbs and beautiful seasonings in the filling, she has created "some of the best dumplings" Gisborne has to offer.