The Flying Pigeon Restaurant

Located in the beautiful Macedon Ranges, this little gem is the perfect eating experience for friends and family to come together.

With a wide range of local boutique wines, creative Asian influence cocktails, craft beers and Fusion Asian cuisines that are made with dedication, time and most importantly, love.

We source only the freshest ingredients and work closely with local producers to bring you a unique dining experience.

Why The Flying Pigeon?
Starting off in 2008, the founders, Mr & Mrs Rocard decided to take a gamble and go after their dreams by opening their first cocktail restaurant called “Mao Mao Chong” in Beijing, PRC.

Mao Mao Chong quickly became popular with locals because of its exciting new western cuisine being introduced to curious and eager eastern taste buds. With Aussie traditional pub dishes like ‘chicken parmas’ and Italian favourite ‘wood fire pizza’ dominating the menu, the wonderful blending of cultures with food was the restaurants obvious niche and key to business quickly taking off within its first few years. Now under new ownership, MMC still continues to be a favourite hot spot for Beijing locals today.

In 2012, over a few cocktails, a regular customer of Mao Mao Chong confessed how he regretted not telling “Pigeon” (Pigeon 鸽子 - the nickname of a former manager of MMC) how he felt about her and how he himself often dreamed of opening a western style diner and calling it “The Flying Pigeon” as "Flying Pigeon 飞鸽“ is a Chinese bicycle company based in Tianjin,

Touched by the story, It was Mr & Mrs Rocard who were then given the honour to call their fusion Asian restaurant “The Flying Pigeon” once they returned to Australia with their son after taking the time to travel around China to learn from the best. The “best” being the families and the everyday people, those who pride themselves on having unique, traditional recipes and methods and the stories that go with it, that lead us to be able to re create some of the most authentic dishes from all different parts of Asia and now it’s with full circle that we bring those recipes and methods of making authentic Asian cuisine back here to locals here in Australia.

“In all of our travels we learned that no matter where you are eating it or its origin, love is the key ingredient to good food, and that food is the main ingredient to bind people together, no matter where you are from or what style of food you grew up on.
Dinning here with us is an opportunity for people to meet up, wind down and enjoy their time together, they want to be in a relaxed environment and to soak up each other’s company. We want to touch people's hearts with a thoughtfully presented eating experience and provide our guests with only the best quality food and service. We truly aim to bring people together, no matter where you are from.”
- Mr & Mrs Rocard ~ The Flying Pigeon

So come and spoil yourself and your taste buds in our comfortable, stylish and well thought out surroundings where we truly pride ourselves on bringing all walks of people together simply with the love of good food.



Feeling like a fresh approach towards coming together with food? Stephanie CHOW also holds short dumpling making workshops in which you are further invited to experience the personal side of making and sharing good food. Bring your friends, family, colleagues or even just yourself and learn authentic methods of making your own dumplings and other genuine Asian cuisines. You will meet new people and get to go away with yummy food as well as dinner also being provided on the night. Call us for further details. Ph: 03 5420 7499